CX and Organizational Values on UX Mag

- Customer Experience, Organizational Culture, Theory.

One of my greatest passions is working with leaders and teams as they prepare for and enact change initiatives around CX. I wrote an article for UX Magazine entitled “Implementing Customer Experience as an Organizational Value“. I’d love to hear about your experiences when bringing this change to your organization. What worked? What didn’t? What… Read more

Why “Unthought Known” ?

- Theory, User Experience.

I’ve been asked about the meaning behind this site’s title enough to finally give it more explanation. I’ve always been interested in cognitive and behavioral psychology. In particular, how technology and human interaction with computers is influencing how humans think and behave. I think it’s safe to say our everyday behaviors are a collection of… Read more

Illustrated: Don Norman’s Action Cycle

- Theory, User Experience.

Beyond my work with the Human Factors team at Qwest, I teach a graduate class at the University of Denver. Regularly our class engages in conversations around Don Norman’s Action Cycle. Recently, posted a video of Norman from the early 90’s. It seemed timely, for me anyway, so I thought I’d post an illustration… Read more