One of my greatest passions is working with leaders and teams as they prepare for and enact change initiatives around CX. I wrote an article for UX Magazine entitled “Implementing Customer Experience as an Organizational Value“. I’d love to hear about your experiences when bringing this change to your organization. What worked? What didn’t? What… Read more

For what seems like forever marketing firms have convinced businesses to believe that surveying customers about their opinions is a good way to learn about what people need. Not true. If we want to know what people need, we should look at and understand their behavior. User experience research is about going beyond collecting opinions…. Read more

It’s true that having designers focused on usability and user experience is an important aspect of any quality product. Here’s the thing, user experience should be a focus for everyone involved in the product, not only designers.

I’ve been asked this question throughout my career both from clients, potential employers and colleagues. I’m not sure why, but I’m always a little taken aback when asked, “Are you a researcher or a designer?” As a younger designer I would have emphatically answered, “I’m a designer, of course!”. Why wouldn’t I answer this way?… Read more

I’ve been asked about the meaning behind this site’s title enough to finally give it more explanation. I’ve always been interested in cognitive and behavioral psychology. In particular, how technology and human interaction with computers is influencing how humans think and behave. I think it’s safe to say our everyday behaviors are a collection of… Read more