I’m seeing a lot more of this lately. Companies looking for a “Rockstar” user experience designer. The thought that keeps crossing my mind is, “Who wants to work with a Rockstar?” When I’m looking to build a team that aspires to achieve at a high level my thoughts are far from seeking out a Rockstar…. Read more

I’m looking forward to this week. It’s been a long time coming and only a 30 minute drive from my front door. Get in touch and let’s chat. I’m only a tweet away @petekinser. Thursday Opening Keynote Bill Verplank Session 2B – UMC Rm 235 Afternoon Keynote – Lisa Strausfeld The visual interface is now… Read more

A few days ago I wrote about the iPhone app for this year’s conference. We’re 6 days away from the conference kickoff and I’m guessing by now most attendees are determining how to spend their time when they’re not getting schooled by legends like Bill Verplank; taking a lesson from Indi Young; or listening to… Read more

I’ve decided to write several posts counting down to Interaction 11. Nine more days until the show. *Note: Unfortunately during a hosting move the accompanying images for this post were lost. Lesson learned. There is certainly plenty to be excited about this year. First, the conference is sold out. Not only is it sold out… Read more

This morning I was sitting at the breakfast table with my wife’s family. We were chatting about Black Friday and each surfing the internet to find the best deals. I picked up my father-in-law’s iPad. This would be my first authentic stab at the iPad. By “authentic” I mean that I’ve played around with an… Read more