February 3, 2011

A few days ago I wrote about the iPhone app for this year’s conference. We’re 6 days away from the conference kickoff and I’m guessing by now most attendees are determining how to spend their time when they’re not getting schooled by legends like Bill Verplank; taking a lesson from Indi Young; or listening to Josh Clark rock your preconceptions about usability. At the conference, there will undoubtedly be some great recommendations on places to grab a bite and get a drink. There are a ton of places in town that are worth mentioning. I’ll keep it brief because I’m no travel guide and you don’t have 2 hours to read this post.

Grab a Cup of Coffee

When I’m traveling I’m always looking for a quality cup of coffee from a local shop. During the conference you’re undoubtedly going to need a place to get together friends. The good news is Boulder knows coffee. So skip Starbucks (yes, I said it) and check out the local flavor …
The Cup

(303) 449-5173 :: web : map
The Cup website says everything you need to know. They serve “Free Trade, Organic coffee roasted locally by Conscious Coffees…” Conscious Coffees is a micro-roastery that works with independent farmers. You won’t get much more “Boulder” than this.
The Laughing Goat

(303) 440-4628 :: web : map
Organic, Fair Trade and Locally Roasted. I couldn’t tell you why one type of espresso tastes better than the next. The good news is the team at The Goat are happy to share what they know. Always a great experience.

Beers in Boulder

You’re in Colorado where even my Grandma is a homebrewer. Well, that’s not true but it could be. Locals take pride in their craft beers and everybody wins because of it.
Asher Brewing

(303) 530-1381 :: web : map
Asher is relatively new to the scene and they have several brews that you shouldn’t miss. Pro Tip: Order the Greenade Organic Double IPA. At 9%, one may be all you need.
Avery Brewing

(303) 440-4324 :: web : map
This is a bit off the beaten path, but hey, that makes it an especially good candidate for this list. Avery offers 4oz tasters for $1. Sounds harmless enough until you consider that half (or more) of the beers are at least 8%. Pro Tip: Order the IPA.
Mountain Sun

(303) 546-0886 :: web : map
Mountain Sun has two locations. The map and the number above are for the downtown location. I’ll be honest, when you walk into Mountain Sun the decor isn’t stunning. The good news is you’re not here for the decor, you’re here for the beer. Above all there’s one reason why I love Mountain Sun: They brew and sell their own beers and also have a fantastic rotating selection of other craft brews. Gotta respect a brewery with no ego. Order away, every beer is a winner.

Local, Organic and Vegan

If you’re searching for something local, organic and possibly vegan, Boulder has you covered.
VG Burgers

(303) 440-2400 :: web : map
Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

(303) 442-1485 :: web : map
Bop Pizzeria

(303) 999-3833 :: web : map

Radda Trattoria

(303) 442-6100 :: web : map
Radda is a favorite. Tucked away in an old strip mall, yes strip mall, Radda delivers high style and quality cuisine at a reasonable price. With an in-house sommelier you’re guaranteed to find a pairing to your liking.

As I mentioned, this is a relatively short hit list of places to visit when you’re in town. The Interaction 11 conference site lists some local staples that are sure to blow your mind. Specifically, Frasca, Jax and The Kitchen.

This list, if nothing else, gives you a few quality ideas to get you started.

6 more days …

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